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How can I get our internet back working on our Xbox one

Some how we ended up with a Xbox service issues

1 answer
According to Xbox Support, network connection issues generally fall into one of two categories:
    • Can’t connect: The console is unable to detect or connect to your home network, or can’t establish an Internet connection, or can’t connect to Xbox Live.
    • Poor connection quality: Although the console is able to connect to Xbox Live, there are connection quality issues, such as poor streaming quality, random disconnects, or slow performance.

    If your Xbox One can’t see your wireless network, you may try:
    • Restart your console;
    • Check for the wireless network on another device;
    • Try a wired connection.

    For further assistance please contact Xbox Support. You may request a call at

    How to change phone number on my Xbox account

    So I change my email on my Xbox account and now it won’t let me change it back. And then when I click “Cancel Request” it tries to send a code to my old phone number but when I try to switch my old phone number it won’t let me log in. And I can’t play on my Xbox account now

    1 answer
    According to the Xbox help section, to change a phone number on your Xbox account you should follow these steps:
    • sign in to your account by using your existing alias and password;
    • sign in to your account;
    • go to Your info at the top of the page;
    • select Manage how you sign in to Microsoft;
    • select the alias that you want to remove;
    • select Add phone number.

    It can take up to 48 hours for the change to be implemented across all Microsoft services.

    Why does it say charges may apply on the Xbox update?

    I don’t know what to do if I run out of MB. How much do I get charged if I go over 566.0 MB? I’m confused on what to do

    1 answer
    Unfortunately, Xbox does not provide any information about what charges can be applied during the update.
    However, according to the comments posted at, the message about possible charges shows in every game. The charges may apply to people who have limited internet.
    Please contact the Xbox customer care team for assistance. You can find the Xbox contact information at

    How to change my password on xbox one live

    The email need to be changed

    1 answer
    As stated at, to change your Xbox One password using your console you should follow these steps:
    • turn on your Xbox One console;
    • open the Microsoft Edge browser;
    • go to;
    • enter your email and current password;
    • click on your profile picture located on the top of the screen and click 'Edit Profile';
    • hover your cursor over 'Change Password' and below it click 'Change';
    • confirm your current password;
    • enter and re-enter your new password;
    • click Save.

    Why was I given a comm ban?

    My account was given a ban on communication. I sent a message to a player that was griefing/team killing in a game.

    Sent a report to you as well. Nothing happens to him but I get comm banned? I typed two letters that could have meant anything and he actually did something in game.

    My response to him was for what he did which was justifiable. Please fix this.

    1 answer
    According to the Xbox help section, you may log in at to get the details of your suspension and to kick off a case review.

    And if I can possibly get a new one

    So I’ve had this problem for a year now and every time I try to play a game it Laggs me out of all my games

    1 answer
    As stated at, to improve the speed and responsiveness of your Xbox, you may try to clear the cache on your Xbox:
    • press and hold the front power button on the Xbox to turn the console completely OFF;
    • wait for the Xbox to completely power OFF;
    • unplug the Xbox power cord;
    • wait a few minutes to give it time to reset/clear;
    • connect the power cord into the back of the Xbox console;
    • when the light turns ORANGE on the power brick, press the power button on your Xbox to turn it back on;
    • when the Xbox turns back on, the cache should be cleared.

    If your Xbox still lags after you clear the cache, you may have an issue with:
    • your main internet connection;
    • your wifi connection;
    • a faulty cable or component;
    • Xbox shuts off by itself.

    To replace your Xbox, please contact the Xbox customer care team via the support form at

    Why am I repeatedly being asked to enter my password on my Xbox live app?

    I wanted to open my Xbox live app on my phone. The app logged me out of my account on my phone, and I’ve been trying to log back in ever since. I know I have been entering the right password, but it just won’t let me sign in on my phone.

    1 answer
    If you’re repeatedly prompted to enter your password when you try to sign in on your Xbox One console, try the following solutions:
    • Restart your console.
    • Remove and re-add your account to the console.
    • If you still can't sign in, you’ll need to restore the default factory settings on the console.

    Telephone xbox

    by Tomas S Vsd

    Hello so i longtime I think way no doing telefon xbox because somebody playing a way no outside alone or with friends in park or I don't know

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    I do not own an Xbox how am I getting charge for games straight out of my bank account I do not on the Xbox

    1 answer

    According to Xbox Support, if you do not own a console but see a charge on your bank or credit card statement that you don’t recognize, you should contact Xbox Support and ask for assistance. You may try to reach out to them by phone at (800) 469-****.

    How can I get on Xbox Live

    I try to get on live and couldn't get on live with none of the passwords or newer none of the new accounts that I had

    1 answer
    According to Xbox Support, you can connect your console to Xbox Live with a wired or wireless connection.
    • Wired connection: A wired network connection is a fastest and most reliable way to connect to Xbox Live. For a wired connection, you use a network cable to connect your console to a router or modem.
    • Wireless connection: A wireless network connection lets you connect your Xbox One console to Xbox Live without using network cables. This allows you the freedom to move your console further away from your network hardware (the router, gateway, or modem). Your console can use your existing wireless network.

    Please check out detailed information on how to set up a connection in the section “I’m connecting my console to Xbox Live for the first time” at

    How to deal with fraud

    Someone has been using my cash pop account to make payment for Xbox live out of my account and I didn’t authorize them I did not share my account information with anybody. And yet every time I turn around a payment is coming out are somebody is trying to charge my account cash app told me to reach out to you and try to see could I get assistance.

    The chargers are being placed in San Francisco and I don not stay there nor have I ever and not only that I stayed in Georgia and the same thing was happening so I changed cash app cards and yet and still the subscription payments are still coming out of my account and using my money that I up load are that is being sent to me . Please please please help my resolve this because it has happen more 20 plus times and I can’t get refunded any of my money back through cash app

    1 answer
    In order to resolve your billing issues you should contact Xbox customer service. You should log in your Xbox account and go to support page. You may request a call or chat online.

    How to make my snyc button work

    I tried to snyc my xbox one controller back to my xkon one original but the lights not working i blow the dust out and i even pressd the button with my finger i think its the green strip

    1 answer
    According to the 'Xbox One Sync Button Not Working: Fixes and Solutions' article posted at, to fix the Xbox One sync button you should follow these steps:
    • check your controller status (restart the console if the controller does not have a solid white light);
    • check the batteries of the controller;
    • hard reset your Xbox One console by pressing and holding the Power button for about 10 seconds or until the console shuts down completely.

    Hi can some help you r taking money out my bank when I am not got a Xbox I need to know why you taking money out my bank

    by Karl W Smy

    Can you let me know please

    0 answers

    How can I get two of my transaction refunded?

    I only paid for one month of this xbox live and our keeps charging me.

    1 answer
    According to Xbox refund policy to request a refund for a digital purchase, select the order or orders below, and then select Request refund. Submitting a request does not guarantee a refund. Most purchases are not eligible for a refund after 14 days.
    You can cancel your Xbox subscription at If you qualify for a refund, you’ll be given the option to get one automatically when you cancel, and you won’t need to submit a refund request.

    How come I can’t speak to a person

    No way to request a call very frustrating

    1 answer

    Xbox customer service offers phone number (800) 469-****. However, it is an automotive system. Try contacting their support reps via live chat option.

    Redeeming gifted game codes

    by Mike Sto

    My friend gifted me a game (COD Cold War) and I’m unable to redeem it. How exactly do I do it? It won’t allow me to go further than the redeem a code page, it has the 25 digit code in the box already but won’t proceed.

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    How can I get a refund

    by Pam G Bks

    Xbox is charging a purchase more than once

    0 answers

    I can’t sign in forgot my password and the recovery email was my old email my other phone

    What happened is I can’t sign in and I forgot my password and the reviver for the email I put in that’s not it nomore that was my old phone

    1 answer
    I forgot my password and I’m trying to sign in and then when I’m trying to reset password the security code sent it the person who stoled my account

    How can I get my refund for xbox pass

    I bought xbox game pass for 3 months for a dollar. But there have been monthly charges taken from my account without my authorization. I'm trying to see how I can get a refund

    1 answer
    According to the Xbox support section, to cancel a subscription, you should follow these steps:
    • go to;
    • select Manage next to the subscription you want to cancel;
    • under Payment settings, select Cancel;
    • if you qualify for a refund, you should be prompted to choose between don’t charge my subscription again or end now and get a refund;
    • if you don’t qualify for a refund, then you should only see the don’t charge my subscription again option.

    How can I get my money from refunding a game

    by Ryan D Udr

    OK so I went on my Xbox and I started playing my new game called Drake Hollow and it was pretty nice at first but then when I was trying to refund a item on accident I pressed Drake Hollow and I submitted it and I didn’t actually want to refund it and I never got my money back or the game back

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