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How can I get my refunds

Someone hacked my account and bought $500 worth of games

1 answer
According to the Microsoft support section, to get a refund you should submit a request at
The visitors of post that you may need to prove that you were hacked, so they can refund you. They should see login locations on their end.
As stated at, you can also request a free call-back by signing on at and selecting Billing. When prompted to speak to a virtual agent, decline it. After answering a few more questions, you should get the option to request a callback.

I need to talk to a live person on the phone

Need to talk to a live person on the phone ! Chat box won't work etc

1 answer
Can not connect to live It’s a used system and it has been hard resented and now won’t let me do anything

I want my money back on my card

I want them to put my money back on my card I don’t play no dam Xbox

1 answer
When you call customer service no one never answer the phone and they just hang up the phone that’s not how you do customer service

How can I get my ultimate subscription on my XBox 360

I recently got the XBox ultimate Subscription but since then I can't get my account detail on my XBox any more. Please help

1 answer
As stated at, you can buy the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription in the Microsoft Store. When you sign up to Ultimate, any other current subscriptions should be migrated across and automatically cancelled for you.
If you have any issues with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, please contact the Xbox customer care team:
  • via the company's social networks;
  • via the support form at


Can't cancel subscription

by Ethan Warren E

READ ALL PLEASE AND THANK YOU Well my dad can2 cancel the subscription and we followed all the step on the microsoft page and i had a glitch on my xbox when i read the things it said about the ulimate game pass and also my dad is trying to take off his paypal account and ots not working but i told microsoft that i what i seen and read on the ulimate game pass my xbox was glitch so then block or locked my xbox one s account is ethanqeddleman@***.com and im trying to talk to microsoft about but i can't and my fan inside the xbox was dusty and dusty so i blowed in the holes of the xbox and alot of dust came out but i need help well my dad needs help of getting ride of his paypal were the payment method's were its not on there bo more but we did and then when my dad try to sing in on the microsoft page is saod microsoft sing in Sorry were having a hard time signing you in will my dads account abd i was going to ask you xbox if you can tell microsoft what is happening please and thank you just to im going to put my dads phone number to i just put a hashtag for a space and also i will put my dads first and last name on here with mine hopefully this will not because i will put my name first and then my dads first name and the my last name and then my dads last name but my dads pgone number is 330 312 ****

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How can I get a refund

There is a charge on my account that I did not charge to it, no one else has my card information and I would like a refund.

1 answer
According to the information provided at the Microsoft Community page, in order to dispute a charge made on Xbox1, you should contact Xbox Support and follow the steps below to request the callback:
  • Select Xbox One;
  • Select see other options and then under My account, you will select See my purchase history;
  • Select Show contact options;
  • Select the option that is best for you to get a hold of an agent.

You can also contact the official Xbox support by using this link

What do i do

by Raymond W Awc

I bought a game on a xbox 360. Gta v.

The game installed. Yay. And in the loading it says downloading. It was taking a while so i went to sleep to let it download at 11.42pm.

I then woke up at 6.00am and it was still downloading. I dont think it is going to work. Kinda feels like i have been ripped off because i cant get a refund.

I dont know what to do. Please help

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Why was my son banned and not the other person aswell!?

by Monica Ramos M

How is it that son gets banned for responding back to a bully that called him a *** but yet the bully is still able to play!?..Thats buling and was done to the other person!!!!!..I have contacted my attorney on this issue...this guy needs to be banned permanently cause he had spoken like this to other kids aswell!!! Get back with me asap or this will go viral on how xbox allows bullies to keep playing - Pissed parent from Texas

0 answers

Can you guys unbann me

by King A Hfj

I was banned and I went to the website made a case review apologized and everything I have waited 6 days for a response or a unbann but no one has called me or unbanned me I don’t do anything to anyone on xbxo mean I have been a loyal customer and I have been very patient nice and respectful about it I’m very angry please unbann my account please it’s king21851

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Can you repair HDMI in consile

by Tom E Upl

It was showing green lines on the tv

0 answers

I was Suspended

by Caleb B Wus

Is there a way to get unsuspend.please unSuspend me. My gamer tag is Leebelk2003 P.S I am sorry

0 answers

How can I get a refund

Bought a Xbox gift card at target and want a refund!

1 answer

Unfortunately, does not provide any information about refunds for gift cards purchased from the 3rd party. You may try to reach out to Xbox Customer Service at (800) 469-**** and ask for assistance.
According to the comments posted at, if a digital gift card hasn't been redeemed, you should contact the Target representative to request a refund. If you purchase a gift card from a third party, then that third party's return policies apply.

Wrong region

by Anel R

How do I fix that. I bought a game got today and try to play and it keeps telling wrong region.

I live in the united States. Why sell a game in the states if people can't play it in the States.

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I spilled water on my Xbox yestyrday what do I do

1 answer
According to the “Repairing a Water Damaged Xbox 360” article posted at, if you do end up with a water-damaged XboX 360, there are tips you can use to try to repair the issue:
  • Clean up the area around the XboX;
  • Do not turn the unit on;
  • Open the unit to dry it (if you are technically proficient enough to examine and dry the components that are damaged);
  • Use isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth to gently dry and clean the components;
  • Allow the unit to dry for a period of several days.

According to comments posted at, if you know how, you can try to open the unit up and clean the board with isopropyl alcohol. It will evaporate much more quickly than water and is safe to use on electronics. You may also use an ESD safe fan.

Can I get a 15 dollar gift card please

by ryan Tracy t

I bought a 25 dollar gift card and it only gave me 10 dollars worth

0 answers

How can I get a refund on gift cards

Hello, I bought 2 gift cards that I could not redeem because it's saying that the code has already been in use.

1 answer

According to the comments posted at, you may try to get a refund at the store/chain you purchased it at. You may also contact the Xbox customer care team by phone at (800) 469-**** or via the company's social networks.

The biggest question here tho is.......

by David D Onf

My x box turns on but nothing shows on the tv screen and then it turns off . is it dead at this point????

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Can you help me purchase content

I want to buy Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 for my Xbox 360 from my Xbox live account so I wanted some guidance for the same.

1 answer
According to the Xbox faq section, to purchase from Live Marketplace please follow these steps:
  • log in to your Xbox Live account click the Download to Xbox 360 button to start the purchase flow;
  • provide your credit card or PayPal information;
  • confirm your purchase and the item will be added to your Download Queue.

Please note that sometimes there can be restrictions on digital content and distribution in a certain region. In this case, it should be possible to find a disc copy of the game you need that is compatible with your region.

Having problems connecting

by Brandon S Qqa

How can I connect with Xbox live

0 answers

Why won’t any of my games or apps start?

Every time I try to start a game or app, it won’t start and I get a message saying this game/app is taking too long to start. I’ve tried restarting the system several times and it still does this.

1 answer
According to the information posted in the Microsoft Community, if Xbox one does not launch any games, you may try the following procedure:
  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide;
  • Select System > Settings > System > Console info;
  • Select Reset console;
  • On the reset console? screen, select Reset and keep my games and apps.

For further assistance, please contact Xbox Customer Service at (800) 469-****.
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