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How can I play my game

I have been playing gta for lil over a year now and yesterday it tell me I have to pay to play the game

1 answer

Unfortunately, does not provide any information regarding fees for playing GTA. Please contact Xbox Customer Service at (800) 469-**** for further assistance.
According to Metro News, GTA 5 is free to download and keep on Epic Games Store starting from May 14, 2020. If you download it before the end of the next week you’ll be able to keep it for good.

How do I got a replacement code

My gold pass code is unreadable I haven’t used it

1 answer
According to the comments posted at, to get a new code you may contact the retailer you purchased it from to see if they will exchange it.
Otherwise, you can try contacting the Xbox support by phone at (800) 469-**** or via the live chat at

How to fix it?

by Jessica L Rjv

My xbox one s is tuning itself on and off, when I'm playing a game. Please help. Thank you.

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Change gamertag

by Skyler H Cyf

Can you change my name

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How to I speak with someone in customer

Xbox has taken 90 dollars out of my account some how in a weeks time I need a refund ASAP and need to speak to someone about this matter

1 answer
According to Xbox refund policy you should:
  • go to Microsoft's account website and sign in,
  • from the top menu bar, select Payment & billing > Order history,
  • navigate to a purchased game or app, and select Request a refund.

A refund has to be requested within two weeks of an app or game purchase, and you must wait until at least one day after the release date to start the refund process. You may contact Xbox customer service (800) 469-****.

Who do I contact about being hacked

My Xbox account under livingdead420@***.com, gamer tag zombielovers420, was hacked by someone I use to game share with to send a racial message to a friend that I play with. I was given a ban , and I understand, but I was not signed in on my account early this morning.

I need to know how to stop this before this person gets me in more trouble for things I'm not doing. PLEASE let me know who to contact.

1 answer

According to Xbox FAQs in order to recover your hacked account:
  • change your password,
  • check sign in activity for sign ins that weren’t you,
  • check your account settings,
  • protect your account.

You may also contact Xbox customer service by phone at (800) 469-****.

Cant connet to my career mode

by Najia Qrz

why can't I log into my my career mode.

0 answers

How can I renew my Xbox gold pass without re buying it

by kavon f

I been charged 9.99 for Xbox gold but I was just trying to just stop the reoccurring bill cycle but I didn’t know it would cancel my subscription so I was wondering can I renew it without having to pay for an extra 9.99 or can I get it refunded back into my account

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I Want To Know If You Are Releasing 5 Free Games For The Xbox One

by Angel M Yky

Are There 5 New Games For The Xbox One

0 answers


by Jaime s Dms

I am wondering if Xbox will be offering any kind of free service during this coronavirus shut down? My kid love to play but I can’t keep purchasing games while we are stuck in the house with limited income.

0 answers

How can I get my refund

by Lanisha P

Someone used my card without approval

0 answers

Why can't I get my hotspot to connect to my xbox

by Jimmy B Sqo

I bought a cellphone yesterday and I trying to connect hotspot to my Xbox and it keeps coming up can't connect with a static IP address and put my phone right by my Xbox

0 answers

Xbox Live

by Oscar S Cxi

How often is the subscription for Kbox live charged to your account?

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